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I have a spreadsheet containing approx. 20 columns thousands of rows.


I have created a new SP online list to match the spreadsheet layout, now I want to import the spreadsheet, however a few of the columns in the SP list are type Choice, which is styled with coloured pills.


1. Will my spreadsheet still import successfully, and will the SP list automatically populate the Choice column with the appropriate values and use the pre-defines colours I have configured.


2. One of the columns in the SP list is read only (status), and the default should be 'in progress'. Can I still import the spreadsheet if one of the columns is read only?

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I am working on the presumption that you are importing from excel?

1. As long as the wording matches how it is written in the choices of sharepoint it will put them in and assign the colour, It does need to be exact though or you will get an error each time, So if you have Smith as the choice Smiths, Smth, miths will all be errors. This is an easy enough fix by just filtering the choice columns in excel and making sure they are in the correct format.

2. Yes when in edit in grid view you can paste multiple rows in as long as the same amount of columns are populated. It will populate the read only also.

Hope this helps.