SP List Display Sum of Calculated Column

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Using SP Online and lists, I have two columns


 - net price (number column)

 - total price (calculated column)


The calculated column contains formulae that multiples [net price]*1.2


I now need to see the sum of both of these columns. I can achieve this for net price, but I can't see the option for total price when I go to list settings > edit view >totals


I assume this is because the total price column is a calculated column?


How can I achieve this without any programming and using default SP online functionality. 

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@jonboylib unfortunately you can't sum a calculated column. Somebody at Microsoft put that into the "too difficult" bin many years ago which was a rubbish decision.


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You can use Power Automate to perform the calculation and update a new field (number column) and use the new field for Total. You automation should run every time is updated or a new item is added.