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I am using a modern SP list, and I would like the overall SP list description to show under the list name for users to have as guidance on their updates. I have added the description to the list settings, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I have also looked through list settings to see if it am missing something...


Is this possible? what am I not doing? Any help would be appreciated.

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@EloiseJane Are you talking about this list description settings? 

ganeshsanap_0-1687328316079.pngUnfortunately, this list description is not visible under list name on SharePoint modern experience list views. Also, you cannot customize SharePoint default list view pages to add the description under list names: 


  1. Create a site page in your SharePoint site
  2. Add Text web part on page to add list description
  3. Below text web part, add List web part and select your list to show on the page.
  4. You can choose the default list view you want to show on the page. If you don't want users to navigate to default list page, you can hide the see all link from SharePoint list web part.

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Yes I was - that's a shame.

Thank you for the workaround though, that has worked.