SP list - data disappears when trying to submit a new item.

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We have a SP list that we use to to track calls into our Help Desk.  I'm looking at a call recording of a new item being entered into the list and after about 2 minutes, I can clearly see a question that had a radio button selected, deselected.  One second the radio button is selected, the next second, it's gone.  The Help Desk agent scrolls up the form and sees that the callers name (person or group data element) has also been cleared out.  Other fields, such as free text data elements, are untouched however.


Very odd


Anyone else experiencing this or know what could be causing the issue

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So, the data dissapears when someone else submits another record. I have the form filled out and as soon as the main list updates with a new record, my form that I just filled out gets erased