SP List Column Formatting Not Populating Field

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The Setup


I am using Column Formatting JSON to set one column (Active Projects) equal to another column (Count). As you can see below, the JSON is working to set the column to appear equal.


I am using this JSON to accomplish this:


The Problem


The problem is that this isn't populating the actual data value of the field. If I attempt to call this field with Power Automate, or a web part, or anything, all of the values in the Active Projects column are empty. See below:


Why is the Column Formatting not filling in the actual field? 

EDIT: I should add, because it will be brought up, I think, that I can't just use a calculated value as the Count column that I'm mirroring is a Lookup (Count Related) column.

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@ZachJayy I think you've misunderstood what JSON does here; it changes the way a column or a row is displayed, it doesn't change the actual data. If you want to change the data you might consider using a flow in Power Automate.


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Thanks for this clarification Rob. So I've tried Power Automate as well to grab that lookup column value and set it into the other column. But I can't figure out how to get the lookup column value. It doesn't show up as dynamic content from a Get Item against the list.