SP list - column formatting colors??


Umm, did you guys change the transparency on this formatting?  None of my formatting really works now as it's way too transparent.  Am I going to have to go and update about 10 lists with each lists having 20+ columns?




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The more I think about it, it has to be a bug.  If you look at the picture, the top 2 rows are handled differently then the bottoms.  I gets less transparent as you move to the right on the top 2 rows of colors but the other colors, it gets less transparent as you move to the left.


Please fix and give us more darker backgrounds please


this is odd


On some of my lists, the formatting works




Bump....anyone from Microsoft want to comment? This is happening to us as well out of no where in the past month~. Now all palettes for my SP lists are these transparent options and no standard colors are available. 

I double checked my list that had the good color palate and now it too is messed up like the others

@Bryan123 Nice....it's not pretty but found a work around using .json column formatting....maybe something you can use in the interim.


First use the out of the box SP formatting to set the columns or options to different colors...then go to advanced and copied the .json code it generates. 


From there you can edit it and update the colors to things like sp-css-backgroundcolor-red  etc.  for proper colors. I just googled for a list of SP CSS colors but it seems like most general colors follow the format sp-css-backgrondcolor-COLOR 


Good luck!