SP 2019 Enterprise Edition - Permission Issues On Site Collections

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We have installed on-premises SharePoint 2019 Enterprise Edition. We have experienced some permission issues when working with the site collections created based on Publishing ->Communication Site template. We are the site collection and server farm administrators. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem: A new site collection is created as http://<server>:<port>/sites/TestCollaborationSite;  we are using Publishing -> Communications Site template for this new site collection. Our network accounts are listed as a primary site collection administrators. After the new site is created, we are trying to upload some files (any type - .css or .pdf) to the Styles Library of the site and get an access denied error. However; we don't have this issue with other sites created in the same way based on a Collaboration ->Team Site or Collaboration -> Developer Site templates. We would greatly appreciate any insight into why this is happening and/or how to resolve the issue.

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