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One of our clients has asked us to sort his documents in a strange way on SharePoint. He asked that we set up a system to where by default it only shows any documents on the first page that were edited or opened within the last 7 days. But then he would like to also change the day as needed to find what he needs on his SharePoint. If you have any suggestions on how to set this up as I'm newer to the IT field and don't have a whole lot of SharePoint experience, it would be greatly appreciated.

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@CoreyatDatatex you could have a series of views of your document library. So for the docs modified in the last 7 days go to Library Settings in the cog at the top right, create a view called 7Days, sort it by Modified descending and then add a filter of Modified is greater than or equal to [Today]-7




Make this 7Days view the default.

You could then create more views from this one and adjust them for 6, 5 4 days etc.

Your client would then select the appropriate view from the dropdown at the top right.


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