Sorry, you don't have access v. Access Denied

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This is not a question about fixing a fault with access!

People outside the Team should not have access - they don't have access. That is OK

But I do want them to be able to request access


Users trying to access some channel sites get a nice friendly, "Sorry, you don't have access", and a helpful dialogue box where they can request access

The same users, accessing other channel sites for the same Team, get an unfriendly, "Access Denied", and an unhelpful comment, "Please ask the site admin to give you access", with no indication who is the site admin


I can't see any difference in any of the settings of the two channels or their sites. Any ideas where I should be looking?


Thank you for your help


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Hi @Guy_Boswell 

To allow Access Requests to your site go to "Gear"->"Site Information"->"View all Site Settings"-> "Site Permissions" (or directly to

Click on "Access Request Settings" and then check "Allow access requests"

This might be deactivated on team sites because this feature adds the users to the SharePoint member's group, not to the connected O365 group, so the users end up with access to SharePoint but not to teams.

I think that this "Allow access requests" to SharePoint Sites feature might be gone soon as it does not make much sense if you try to push your users to use O365 groups for permission handling as Microsoft does. (The feature is already hidden on some of my sites and i can only access it by directly entering the url)

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Hi Sven,
Thankyou for your help. If you look at my screen shots, you will see I already have, "Allow access requests", switched on for both sites.

The problem is, at the moment, one site effectively says, "No, you don't have access to this at the moment - but you can ask for it here", whereas the other site says, "No, you don't have access - GO AWAY!" Which isn't nearly so friendly

I do hope they fix rather than remove this option. It is very useful to be able to tell a user, "No, you don't have access to this at the moment - but you can ask for it here".