Sorry, you can't create a new item with Quick Edit


Sorry, you can't create a new item with Quick Edit because this view is missing one or more required columns. To create a new item, please click "New Item" or add the required columns to this view.


I want to fill up a list in Quick edit mode but I always receive this kind of notification.

All my field are optional in common way it has no problem to create or edit an item, but Quick edit mode does not give the possibility to do that.

2019-08-05 11_53_33-Urgent Deliveries - Urgent Deliverers - All Items.png

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Is the 'Title' column visible in your Quick edit mode?
and if you click New item (not in quick edit) - which fields have a red * ?

Also, a little bit confused next things.

All fields I have made optional but 2019-08-05 12_06_16-Urgent Deliveries - Urgent Deliverers - All Items.pngsome of them still required.

@Rob Ellis  I have made all fields optional2019-08-05 12_07_42-Content Type.png

do you have validation enabled on any of the columns?

@Rob Ellis 


1) No validation 

2) About "New Item" not in Quick edit mode

2019-08-05 12_13_19-New item.png

Fields behave like required but they are all optional.

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You are using a custom content type, I think? Look at the list columns - rather than the content type columns, and see which are required?

Also, check whether the default content type for the list is the out of the box one, or your custom one?

@Rob Ellis 

You are right. Problems were in list columns.

Thank you very much!!!

You're welcome!

@Rob Ellis Thanks. Finally found the solution :)