Some users created new items in the list, but the items didn't save at all.

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Good day,

I'm a new sharepoint user, and I have created a new custom list for my workplace. However, there are some users who clicked on ''new item'', filled up the columns, clicked ''save'', but the list just didn't save the new item.

I have checked their permissions. They have ''contribute (limited)'' permission for the list. They have ''read'' only permission for the site page that the list is in so as to prevent editing of the site page.

Anyone experienced such issue before? Any advice on troubleshooting this issue?

Thank you so much.
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@DGWCYFirst of all if you could share what type of form you are using for new item creation:

Out of box, power apps or custom.


Usually if user don't have contribute permission they will never see the new button, but as they can see so they have contributor permission. Now few things can happen if there is list which expects data but not visible on the form can lead to this type of issue. Second thing can happen there are certain columns where you want some values to be unique which will prevent users from entering data if that column has any duplicate value. Finally if there are some Event handlers associated with the list which can control item creating event and not allowing for some reasons.


Try with this options you should find the root cause if all these fails then you have a bigger problem where you need MS's help to understand if there is anything going on at your environment level.


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