Some SharePoint Lists are missing Integrate > Power BI > Visualize this list option.

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We have a SharePoint Classic Site which has lists that for some reason don't have the Integrate > Power BI > Visualize this list option. Some lists are ok but others don't have the option. The Lists without the option can still be connected to by Power BI via Power BI directly but the inconsistency is annoying and makes it hard to get widespread adoption for Power BI against SharePoint lists.


Looking at the difference between the lists I can't see anything that stands out and all Sites and Lists use the new modern interface. Searching the internet produces very little other than a blog from Microsoft when initially releasing the feature as a preview saying that the feature would be blocked during the preview if it was incompatible with existing lists.


Any clues as to how we can get our existing lists supported for Power BI visualization?




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Do you know if those lists where created with a "legacy" template? That could be the reason why you don't see the integrate option.

was this ever resolved?  I'm also running into the same issue where I don't see the integrate option in one list but see it on another.  I'm also trying to allow the integration function on my sharepoint list. @aaron001 

how do you know which template was used? I created a new sharepoint list recently and it also does not have the "integrate" drop down option

Did anyone find a solution to this? i have the same issue, started the list from scratch without using a template @aaron001 

@aaron001 I am facing the same issue. I created a list from an excel file, and initially I could see the PowerBi feature under Integrate. However, I did several changes to the list(added some dro-down field options etc.) and now I cannot see the integration with PowerBi. Not sure if my editing is responsible. What I noticed was that, when I opened the list in Sharepoint, I was able to see the PowerBi plugin under the Integrate menu. 

Don't ask me why.... just thought I share with you.