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We have noticed that the modern page we have as the default home page for a communication site, does not show at the lower part of the page the social bar which give us the count for views, data on likes, comments, save for later etc. When we open modern pages from the site pages library we can see the social bar.  Do we know why we have this behavior and if there is something we can do for allowing the modern page that is designated as the home page of the site to show the social bar? Thanks!

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This is by design, the home page of a communcation site or a modern one does not have the social bar
thank you for confirming the expected behavior. Any idea of why this is the case, we did have one case where the a home page of a communication site managed somehow to retain its social bar for a little while even though the views were not showing up. Users find the social bar useful and not having it reflected on the home page seems to be a dissatisfier.

I agree with the need of the social bar even on the first page. From my perspective mostly because users are currently not able to save that page for later which should ideally be possible from any content page.

@Thomas Bak the social bar appears on my comm site home page so maybe this has changed since last year. I'd like to get rid of it but keep the commenting function. It makes no sense to bind social bar and comments  - these are 2 very different things. I know I can hide the social bits with some css but I shouldn't have to do that.

Hi Juan Carlos, do you know if there is a way to remove the social bar from the other pages too?

Unfortunately until Msft decides to provide a more complete and usable ui, we have to use powershell:
Connect-SPOService -Url
Set-SPOSite -Identity<site name> -SocialBarOnSitePagesDisabled $true