Sites not visible in Hub

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Hi Team,

Im having an issue with a Communication Hub that is newly created.

I am logged in as the site site owner and admin

I have added 6 sites to the hub (all that I am site owner and admin)

I can browse to the sites  fine and edit them


When I try to use the Webpart "Sites" to add them to the communication site it can not find them in any of the options (All sites in Hub, Frequent sites for user, selected sites)

The interesting thing about selected sites is that when search for title or URL, it says can not be found

Under the Hubsite settings, it is set to not required for approval of associated sites.

I am also set as people who can associate sites with this hub

Also the sites have sync hub permissions to this site enabled

To be honest Im at a loss. Is there something obvious I am missing?




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Hi @NathanGilders,


Sites web part is relying on search, so it won't discover new sites before search has indexed those sites.

How long ago you created the sites?

@Matti_Paukkonen thanks heaps for the reply. I thought that may be the issue but the sites were created Wednesday last week. Hence why I am perplexed

Just wondering if anyone has a solution for this? Still unable to see the sites to add them to the main hub
Users can only see sites that they have access to, so if you have spoke sites that lack read all permissions...nothing in the web part. You would need everyone read permissions on all the spoke sites.