Sites does not appear in search


Hi together.


I've set up a SharePoint intranet like this:


  • Communication site (Hubsite)
    • team site
    • team site

So my problem is now, that the team sites are not appearing when I'm searching for them.


What I did before for troubleshooting the problem:


  1. Checked if the site is searchable in "Search and offline availability > Allow this site to appear in search results? > Yes/No"
  2. Checked the permissions for the site (Groups are inheriting the permissions from parent)
    1. Owners > Full Control
    2. Visitors > Read
    3. Members > Edit 
  3. Reindex site
  4. Put in the site URLs in "authoritative websites" in the SharePoint admin center > Search

I really don't know what I can check or doing for next steps to bring the sites up on the search.



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I'm not sure who needs to see this, but I sure did ... after days of pulling out my hair. Turns out being owner of a site isn't enough to have permission to see it in your search results.