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We have a site page on SharePoint, is currently encountering connectivity problems and displaying an error message indicating a failure to establish a connection, when this page is rendered in an iFrame.


Error: "<domain_name> refused to connect"


Is there any limited with iFrame and Sharepoint Site pages?

Please let me know if anyone has faced this and found a solution.


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Hi @Sudha99 ,

Normally you can put pages from the same SharePoint domain into an Iframe and this works. But if that page comes from a different domain then you run into problems

So given the case that your page is


Is the page you reference in the Iframe also from


? Or is it from somemthing like this


Is the page in the Iframe also a site page or is it a system page?

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Hello @SvenSieverding 

thanks for your response :)


The page where I am calling the site page is a different domain altogether.  www.<domainname>.com


and the site page that I am calling with an iframe of the above domain page is similar to your first url - https://<domain><sitesection>/SitePages/<pagename>.aspx

@Sudha99 You have to add the external website domains in the SharePoint site settings > HTML Field Security settings while using the external website URLs in iframe inside the SharePoint site pages.


Follow steps given here to add external domain to the HTML field security settings: Allow or restrict the ability to embed content on SharePoint pages 

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I started getting this error after I enabled Microsoft Cloud App SEcurity