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what is the relation between Team and Private chanel from the SharePoint URL point of view?

I have this URL for Team EFFIIS General chanel: /sites/EFFIIS-ALL

Also I have this URL for Private chanel: /sites/EFFIIS-ALL-HR


What is the relation between the sites? Are those two completely different sites or do they have something in common (for example some settings)?


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They are two different SCs. Read here for more detailed explanation:

@Vasil Michev Thank you, I already read this, but haven't found the answer there.

The URL for a private channel site is the channel url with the name of the private channel added. So /sites/main would have /sites/main-private for a private channel named private.
There are some restrictions in Teams but not in the underlying SharePoint, for example the channel is linked to the parent team and can't be moved to a different team.

The link explains that these are completely separate sites but some permissions are the same as the parent team site: a private channel site syncs data classification and inherits guest access permissions from the site of the parent team.

Private channels in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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