Site URL Change, Will Portal Launch Scheduler Work?

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I need to change the URL of our existing HR site, which will break any links out there pointing to it.  I was thinking that once I change the URL, I could create a "dummy" site with the old URL and use this trick to redirect anyone going to the old URL homepage to the new homepage, but what about all other links out there going to other pages and documents on the HR site?  Also, only after I change the URL could all of the existing links be updated.  I really need a redirect so all links continue to work until they've all been changed.


Is it possible to use the SharePoint Portal launch scheduler to redirect users hitting the old URL to the new URL?  I assume its redirect would work for all pages and documents, not just the homepage.


Has anyone done this successfully?  What is the best practice?  (This is of course beyond communicating out the change.)

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