Site Title missing in HTML Title tag for "Site contents" menu item and individual Site Pages

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The behavior is inconsistent, and it's inconvenient primarily for bookmarking.


When I create a new team site, there is the menu:


When navigating the menu items, the browser tab title is adjusted:

  • Home                          => Test Team Site - Home
  • Documents                  => Test Team Site - Documents - All Documents
  • Shared With Us           => Test Team Site - Shared With Us
  • Pages                           => Test Team Site - Site Pages - By Author
  • Recycle bin                  => Test Team Site - Recycle bin

The behavior is consistent.


It is not so for:

  • Site contents               => Site contents
  • and all Pages, ie. “Test Team Site - “ is omitted, and only the Page Title is displayed.




It would be consistent and more beneficial if the Site Name was always in the HTML Title – in order to clearly distinguish bookmarks from various sites, that otherwise might easily end up having the same titles.

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@BalazsOrban This is a default behavior in SharePoint.


Pages like "Site Contents", "Site Settings", etc. are called as Application pages in SharePoint. You cannot change the page title for these pages. Those are managed by SharePoint product itself.


While the pages you create under "Pages" menu are called as "Site pages" in SharePoint. You can change the page title for these pages. Check this article for detailed steps for same (check "Change the Title of Blank Page" section): SharePoint Online: Create a blank page without header & title 

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