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Hi all,


I'm looking at the site swap function. Is this possible

I have a site "" and want to swap it to ""


The first site is a hub site. Would this cause an issue?


When the swap completes, are the links on the first site updated?

E.g. would be

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Take a look at Tony Redmond's article on that matter: basically site swap is not supported with Hub Sites. In regards of your question about links, you are correct

Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín 

For the hub site, can I change the hub site settings to none for associated sites, unregister the site to be moved as a hub site, move and then re register everything again?

I tested this scenario quickly. You don't need to change hub site settings to None on associated sites. You can just Unregister as hub site on admin center and all associated sites are automatically disassociated. Then just swap your site and promote it back to as a hub site. During promote all site hub associations are returned automatically. So, this saves you few steps.



@David Gorman , be careful with this and ensure that site swap operation is completely done. I just messed up a test tenant, while playing around with this.

Thanks @Matti Paukkonen 


Looks like the Swap operation isn't available for my tenant yet. Will bear what you said in mind,



I wrote a short blog article about this topic:


Hi @Matti Paukkonen 


Great blog post. Thanks.


Edit: is there anyway to test that your tenant has the Site Swap functionality enabled?



@David Gorman you can test it through PowerShell by Invoking the swap operation of some dummy sites:


Connect-SPOService -Url "https://$" -Credential $cred
Invoke-SPOSiteSwap -SourceUrl $sourceUrl -TargetUrl $targetUrl -ArchiveUrl $archiveUrl -Verbose
Output will be "Invoke-SPOSiteSwap : SwapSite operation not yet supported" if not yet supported.