Site Swap: New Root Site Permissions


When creating a new communications site, to swap to the tenant root site using Invoke-SPOSiteSwap, what base permissions are needed on that site. I realize we need to add user permissions, but I'm curious if there are any other permissions needed, and who the owner should be?


An older Tenant of mine has Company Administrator as the Owner of the original team site, and not quite sure if that is needed for the new Communication site, and what other base permissions should be added.

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@Lynn Towle In my experience, there's very little guidance from Microsoft regarding why the default Root sites in SharePoint have the components that they do. That said, I can assert with reasonable comfort that, permissions-wise, there's nothing specific you need to do to your swapped root site to keep the rest of your SharePoint environment working as expected. Our Company Administrator doesn't have any special rights on our current root site, and we've no problems using it.


As for what rights you should set, it's extremely important that you guard full control rights at the root level. Unless what little I've found on the importance of the root site is wrong, deleting that site will make the rest of your sites inaccessible because the root of their site paths is now invalid, and site access won't come back until the root site is restored or replaced. Aside from that, in my view, your permissions should be reflective of your intended purpose for that site.