Site Swap issues (Invoke-SPOSiteSwap)

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Hello All,

I just ran "Invoke-SPOSiteSwap" and get some issues so I have some questions:

1. Scenario

The script worked fine (Moved the Source to targeted and create the Archive)
1.1 I moved the to root site
1.2 It takes ~1 hour
1.3 I moved root site to
1.4 Site permission and files are moved correctly
1.5 In the article said we need to manually backup the Featured links because will not be displayed after performing the swap, but I am able to see the same Featured links in the

2. Issues:

2. Before running the script in Admin center I had root site "" and ""
I was expecting to have "" and "" after running the script.
But here is the big issue: I still have the "" and it's giving me "Sorry, something went wrong" also there is no "" in the admin center.

Please let me know if you need more information.


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The old site url should redirect to the new root after some time. Admin center will Probabaly update too but I haven’t check my test siteswap to see if they appear and how. I’ll check if I can remember in the morning.

Just tested Site Swapping yesterday and it is taking some time before admin center is updated. 


@Chris Webb, after more than 12 hours source site is still returning Sorry, something went wrong. File not found.


@Alireza Rahimifarid Hi There, 


Thanks for the article, I have the reverse problem. Someone has created a site as follows :

I need to move this to a SPO Site like the rest of our business units i.e.  etc...


However the Invoke-SPOSiteSwap command keeps failing with :

Invoke-SPOSiteSwap : The site is not properly formed.


Any help would be appreciated...


Kind regards, 


Neil Pickersgill

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@Matti Paukkonen thank you for that :)