Site put into read only mode due to maintenance

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We received no communication or reason why this is happening in the middle of the work day. Our sites have been put into read only mode and our IT says Microsoft is doing this. Why? How do we get back to normal operation. This is SharePoint online.

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There are many people raised this issue, 

it seems Microsoft is rolling-out some fix, feature. But couldn't see anything in the Message Center.

@Shijuraj  Any idea why they would do this in the middle of the work day? People will start leaving soon to go on vacation and they cannot save any of their files.

@zsmith in my tenant I don't have such issue, this is from the support session, so please have a look at your message centre. else raise an issue with support.


Users may receive a Read-Only for Maintenance message when attempting to use SharePoint or OneDrive.

Check if there is active maintenance occurring on your tenant by navigating to the Message center. Finally, ensure you visit theService Health page to check for any advisories/incidents that may be occurring.

If neither the Message Center or Service Health Dashboard have noted anything about current maintenance for your tenant, this may be a browser caching issue.

Please attempt to clear the browser cache before navigating to the site.

  • In the Microsoft Edge browser, go to More Settings

  • Under Clear browsing, select Choose what to clear.

  • Select the Cookies and saved website data check box and select Clear.

Strange you are having this...My team is in the middle of a big migration from SP 2010 to SPO for a customer and we are not seeing this issue

The issue lasted about an hour and then the site went back to normal. No report on why this happened as of yet. Thank you for the replies!

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