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Anybody who has experienced SP Online Site permissions group labels that are empty? 


I've checked different site collections in our tenant and it displays an empty label for Owners and Members. Also, Site members should have been Site visitors (see attached screenshot). 





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Hi Fred,


Here it will show people if you add them as "Share Site only" (e.g. if you create isolated site). Bit more is here https://hangconsult.com/2018/01/23/sharepoint-101-confusions-about-sharepoint-online-site-group-and-...

Is this a modern SPO site or a classic site you convert in a modern SPO site? in the former case, the default Owners and Members SharePoint Groups are populated with the Group Owners and Group Members

I'm experiencing the exact same "bug" with a community site. User "Patrick" is in the Member security group.


missing group namesmissing group names

It is a modern SPO collaboration site that I've created via + Create site.
Group Owners and Group Members are still listed it is just that their labels are not displayed.
Hi, Sergei.
This used to be working for my tenant sites. For some reason, there must have been an update that messed things up since all SPO sites now has the issue whether site was created by + Create Site or migrated via SharePoint Migration Tool.
Hi, Patrick.
Does it appear only on certain sites for you, or all SPO sites in your tenant?

Hi Fred.


I was able to do some more testing. I experienced the bug with team sites and community sites, that already existed. If I created a new one now, everything looks as it should. 


BUT I just checked back on the existing sites and the bug is gone... I can't explain it, I hope it's solved for you as well, because I actually did not change anything. 


I digged deeper and checked more sites and the bug is appearing again. Also on the pages that were just "fixed" the bug is back.

I used Chrome and now also Firefox and there is no pattern. Sometimes site permission are displayed correctly, sometimes not. I can check up on sites 5 minutes later and everything is good again.


Hi, Patrick.

Thanks for the follow-ups. The sites on my tenant are now displaying the labels correctly without any action on my part. 


Site owners

Site members

Site visitors




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