Site Pages option missing when adding Quick links

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When adding links to the quick links web part, you used to be able to select Site...Site Pages.

This option is now missing making it really difficult to add multiple links to pages.

It has gone on both production and separate Dev tenants. Anyone else affected?


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@Deleted yes it is strange and hopefully will be back shortly.  If the page is not under the Recent option you can still use the "From a link" option:

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Support are telling me that it has been deprecated??
The ability to add multiple pages to quick links (view filtered on a metatdata category) is a real time save. Adding a link at a time is not an option when creating navigation between pages within a manual for example.
Apparently I have to raise it via User voice, to replace a function that was already there.

I also noticed that it was missing. It seems very odd not to be able to "browse" to pages within your own site when creating quick links. There are several things wrong with the Quick Links web part. Is anyone listening??
Yes, you can use the "From a link" option, but this is much less efficient. You have to get the URL of the page, then copy and paste it. And you can only do one page at a time.
Deprecated? Wow, why on Earth would they do that?
Quick Links is now anything but quick.


This is absolutely crazy from Microsoft to remove this and not even communicate the change.

Everyone please vote to have it reinstated in my uservoice

@Brooke980 @David_Douglas @AGoneau @RobElliott 

Everyone please vote to have it reinstated in my uservoice