Site is not listed in site Collections

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I have created Site using modern view but it is not listed in site collection.



Where can i find the settings of the site which is created by modern view ?

what is the location and where it stores the data ?


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Modern Team Sites, Communication sites, Groups, Teams connected sites etc created through the user interface is not visible in the SPO Admin center at the moment. You either have to use PowerShell to get all site collections or wait until end of this year for the new and improved SPO Admin center.

OMG, I have been looking for the answer for several hours already, thank you!!!


So: our users start creating now whole site collections with a user-friendly interface on their own - so far, so good. BUT noone from the IT department is aware of the existence of these site collections. No prob, we just wait until the end of the year, and then we see what our users have done in the last 4-6 months. :D This is a disaster! Sorry, but, this is typical Microsoft. Of course, I disabled the function in central admin immediately - at least it is possible. (admin --> sharepoint --> settings --> site creation --> hide the Create site command)

Hi Wictor,


Do you know if the product team has made any progress on the "New and Improved SPO Admin center"?

I'd like to know this as well. I haven't been able to find any information on this for a while now.
It's officially 2018 - anyone know where to find this in the "new and improved SPO Admin center" now?

I am also having problem setting up the Sharepoint site that was automatically created by Teams.

Does anyone no where i can see how much storage we have left in the site?  Also how can we set the share permission on these Sharepoint site.  



Hi all,
I have also same problems! I need to have this New Admin Center!!

Hi Leslie,

You need to run a PowerShell script for the time being or use a third party program.

The Powershell is:


$adminUPN="your admin account"
$orgName="your domain name"
$userCredential = Get-Credential -UserName $adminUPN -Message "Type the password."
Connect-SPOService -Url https://$ -Credential $userCredential

# Get site details

Get-SPOSite –Identity -detailed |fl

Permissions can be set as per normal site.

Hi Andrew,


Thanks for the instructions.

I have got it to work now but just wondering when we can see the Sharepoint site that are auto created when creating team will show up on the Sharepoint admin console so that we can monitor how much storage spaces we have left.



I am wondering the same thing, Leslie, hopefully, we will hear something soon.
Well, the only thing you can do for now is wait until the new SPO Admin Center is globally deployed

any update on this

It's May and still no luck on our modern tenant... has it started working for other folks?

Do we have any update on new SPO admin center?

Shows up for me.  Under Site Management, they say Team Site, but that also applies to actual SharePoint sites that were created using the Team Site template.  Not a lot you can do in the New admin center yet.

Hi Wictor,


I have global admin access. Our organization new sites has been created using Modern Team Sites, Communication sites, Groups but i am not able to find in admin page but using powershell script i found it.


How i can add myself to the site which i dont have access ?


Thank & Regards,

Venkatesh R

In my experience, the new Groups and Teams, will automatically create hidden "Sites" inside the ROOT site collection.  I'm  learning fast not to put anything in there (the core site you started with) that I need to keep track of.  Having said that, what you are trying to do is incredibly easy once you learn what Teams and Groups are doing and where Microsoft is heading.  To get there in either Azure, or Office 365 Admin center, go to "Groups".  You will see the named group of the site that was created.  You will see people in the Owners and Members Group.  Add yourself to the Owners Group, and consider making the current owners as members instead.  Then try to navigate to the url you found, and you'll be there.  The real culprit here is "how do you prevent people from doing this", and it's vague.  You can disable it entirely (I don't recommend it) following the instructions here , but I prefer to not fight where Microsoft is heading, and use this

Teams, as you know now will replace Skype as the collaborative platform, so I believe it's important to hammer this stuff in advance, because if you disable anything, it will harm your Teams rollout.  Hope this helps.  There's plenty more to it.

Hi Team
I also have the same problems. When can we have this New Admin Center ?

Is there a estimated time of release for the "new and improved SPO Admin center"?