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I have just started using SharePoint and would like to ask you for advice.


My company is starting a project with another big firm. Into the project, four different departments are included. Each department has its own leader who manages their department when it comes to this project.


What I would like to do:

- create a main site for all four leaders, where they could find all the important information about the project (e.g. basic information, milestones)

- at the main site, I would like to have 4 buttons/images with the names of the departments

- after clicking the department name, a folder with documents would open

- each leader could only access their own department folder and would not be permitted to see the content or the files dedicated to the other three departments


What would you recommend? 


Thank you so much!

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Hi @sinj_,


SharePoint is flexible and allows you to create the structure as per your requirement (but there might be slight limitations) so suggest you first check (and document for your reference)

  • how you want to store the information - is it department based, or if it work product (output) based
  • is everything in files (word/excel/ppt/pdf/images etc), or anything might go in other formats also (list/planner/loop/flow/tasks etc)
  • who should have what access - read only, contribute, etc.
  • how is the access granted - is it based on individual username, or distribution lists will also be used.

For the structure:

  • Files can be grouped into document libraries, and you can create them as per the requirement, create all in single hierarchy or create subsites.
  • Other entities like lists/tasks etc. cannot be grouped and each will remain separate, but you can manage the access separately or create subsites and manage the access at that level.
  • Access can be granted separately to entities (document libraries, lists etc.) and at more granular level for Document library at Folder and File levels also but it might become tedious and can lead to unwanted access if inheritance is not handled properly.

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