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We're looking to improve the home page design of our communication sites. Most have a huge 5 tile hero and we're looking to get away from that.  I've seen the below site design located on multiple Microsoft pages, but i can't figure out how to replicate the section boxed in red.  Can anyone point out what web part they are using here?


SPO Layout.png

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Must admit I've struggled to identify this web part myself.  Looks like either a News feed, a Hero, or an image gallery, but I've struggled to get anything to look exactly like this.  I've not found anything in the SharePoint look book so far either.  Maybe Microsoft have discontinued this look?  Either that, or we have both just missed it.  :lol:

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@PeterRising @AC-NMoreno  as far as I am aware this is  a news web part layout that has not yet been put into general release but will be in due course.


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April 2021. If this is another option for News web part, it's still not been released

First, you must decide on the page's final version. To do this, you need to find a professional specialist who knows all the ins and outs of the job. I tend to prefer the typical square designs. My company recently launched its website, and we also used the services of a webdesign agency. Pretty soon, we're planning to set up targeted advertising and promote our product. I hope we will be able to achieve the desired results. By the way, you can also hunt around online for other good ideas.

@kenyonrouillier irrelevant and spam. A "professional" web designer won't have a clue about designing modern SharePoint pages as the technology is totally different.


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