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I have few sites setup in SharePoint, however, when I go to Site Contents, it never shows all my lists, pages, libraries, etc. It is just a blank page even though I have created a bunch of content. Any ideas how to view all of those things? Here is what I see when I go to Site Contents. Thanks!



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@Tim Hunter What access do you have on the site. Can you try logging in with the site collection admin and see. You should be able to see all lists and libraires. 

@Maruthi Gadde 


I am the site admin. Are Site Contents only available on Team Sites? When I go to my Team Sites, I am able to see Site Contents but not on Communications Sites or my main "homepage" which is, which also says the template is a TEam Site (Classic Experience) Thanks!

@Tim Hunter 


can you share a screen shot of your site setting/ Site information... Site Content should be visible irrespective of the site template as long as you have access. 

@Maruthi Gadde 


Here is my Site Settings, where do I go to make the Site Contents visible?


@Tim Hunter You have  all the access. also the site content is visible on the left pane.. You should be able to see all site content ... Go to the Gear Icon in the Top bar and click the Site Content. you should be able to view all site content. 

@Maruthi Gadde 


why does my main site, still have the old look to it? Is there anyway I can change to have the newer modern look? This is what it looks like now: