Site Contents does not display in Modern view, only in Classic view

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I have converted a SP2013 on-premises site collection to SP2019, via SP2016.


Everything looks fine, except the Site Contents page is blank in the Modern view.  When I click on the Subsites tab it does show the subsites.  To see the Site Contents, I have to switch back to the Classic view.


Any clues as to what is causing this would be appreciated.



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Kindly check the F12 Developer Tools -> Console Tab for any errors that has been generated and displayed. Kindly share the screenshots, if you can.
Also, which browser you're using currently to access the SharePoint sites?
Did you try accessing in different browsers?
@Colin Halliday

@Swaminathan Sriram 



Attached is a capture of one of the Site Contents pages in the Collection.



@Swaminathan Sriram 


I omitted to say that it is the same in Edge (chromium), IE, Chrome and FireFox.

@Colin Halliday 


Hi Colin. Just wanted to say that we are experiencing the same issue in our SP2019 environment. We did the exact conversion method of going from 2013  to 2016 then to 2019.

@Swaminathan Sriram 


This is the Console Tab showing an error.



@m15433b  did you find a solution to this?  Still experiencing the issue myself.

@Colin Halliday 


Did you resolve this issue ?  

I'm migrating from SP2016 to SP2019,  other Content DB's have migrated fine to the same farm,  

but the main Content DB is not showing and content or subsite in modern View. 


Thanks in advance.  



Please check alternate access mapping and ensure you have the correct mapping. the mapping for the url you are trying to access should exist. once you add that mapping, your site contents and list items will display in modern view.

@Colin Halliday 

I had same problem on several installations (Production and test environments). In each case it was solved by running 'install-spapplcationcontent' from Powershell. Took just a minute, and then the content showed up in both Classic and Modern views.


I had the same issue with SharePoint Subscription Edition after installing an STS Patch.

The issue turns out that I installed the STS security update, but didn't install the latest WSSLOC language pack.

Both the latest STS Security Update and the latest WSSLOC Language Patch update must be installed to properly upgrade your SharePoint Subscription Edition server(s). If there is no WSSLOC patch for the month, install the latest one from a previous month.

After installing the language patch, my site contents started appearing again in modern glory!

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