Site Columns don't become Crawled Properties (in page library)

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Hi all,


I hope someone here can help me as the admins in my organization don't seem to find a solution to my issue.


My problem is this: I have site columns fed by my managed metadata. I use those site columns in document libraries and in the page library. My goal is to filter all documents and news posts using the PnP Modern Search (v4).


This works very well so far - at least for the documents inside my document library. For whatever reason, however, when adding site columns to the page library instead and filling them with metadata, these metadata do not become crawled properties, i.e. they do not show up when I try to add them to managed properties (RefinableString). This is really odd and I suppose this is due to incorrect site settings. I was in touch with colleagues from my organization who run another SP communication site and who do not run into this problem, but where page library columns are readily available as crawles properties. 


Can anyone think of a possible solution?


Many thanks!

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Have you tagged the field ? as in put a value on one of the pages?
If so, force a reindex

@PhilAre I think you have added values in your site columns against page properties. If not, tag few site pages with some values in those site columns.


Also, for how much time you waited after adding values in those site columns? It may take some time for crawling.


Also, you can manually request to reindex your site pages library, follow this: Reindex a document library or a list 

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