Site Collection Compliance Lock Issue

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Hey, hive mind - I have a problem and seeking some thoughts.


I was testing with eDiscovery holds in my development tenant and after my testing, I wanted to delete one of the site collections I was testing on. After closing and deleting the eDiscovery case, I still can not get rid of the site collection I was playing with. There seems to be something in a "locked" state that doesn't release, and couldn't find a way to release it. I got rid of all the eDiscovery cases, made sure I do not have any Retention labels and policies either. 


I did some data collection and here are some screenshots showing why it is not deleting because the API is returning isSiteDeletable as $false. Ugh. Any thoughts? 




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How long did you wait, after removing the eDiscovery cases, before trying to delete the site?