Site Collection Admin unable to edit site information




We are experiencing an issue whereby a Site Collection Admin for a SharePoint Online team site (part of an O365 Group) is unable to edit any of the Site Information - e.g. site description, hub site association). We get an error "An error occurred while processing this request".


The owner of the O365 Group is able to update these settings successfully but I'd expect the SharePoint Site Collection Admin to also be able to update these.


Is anyone else seeing this issue?




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Mmm...totally the way: any reason why the Site Collection Admin is not an Onwer in the Group?

@Juan Carlos González Martín Long story, but it's an attempt to add some administrative access to the site without being part of the group and therefore being able to see all the conversations.

It's just the "site information" that seems to have a problem with it.

@Richard Rodgers- In this case, you have to edit Group Description and it will be set as description for Site automatically. For Hub site associated try from SharePoint admin center.