Site Collection Admin for over quota ODfB

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As a Global Admin I went to help a user with an A1 license where the ODfB had been set with a quota of 100GB (Microsoft's new A1 storage quotas - ref

Because the ODfB was "over quota", I was unable to add a new Site Collection Admin.


So I can't see what is using up the space and therefore am unable to assist the user.


I tried adding the global admin acount via the SharePoint User Profile element in SharePoint admin centre but this failed with a "No Space" message.

Given that we soon won't be able to extend an A1 licensed user's quota beyond the 100GB enforced MS quota, how are we supposed to assist users if we cannot add a global admin / sharepoint admin account to the collection admins to assist the user in getting their usage under quota?


SharePoint admins / Global Admins should still be able to add themselves to view a OneDrive to assist a user in getting their usage under control.

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