Site & Document Permissions, Sharing, and Inheritance

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I'm trying to understand how to make SharePoint permissions work for us instead of against us.


Imagine I have an Accounting site with the following document folders:



--- AP


Joe and Jane are members of the Accounting site and have Edit permission for Documents and AP.  AP does not have any item level permissions and is inheriting from Documents.


Joe shares AP with Mike giving him View permissions.  Now AP has Unique permissions with Joe, Jane and Mike.


I add Mary to the Accounting site.  She gets permissions to Documents, but can't even see the AP folder.


That is a small scale version of what I have going on. Once we share a folder, item level permission are set, and then future members added to the site have to be added to every item individually. 


Is there an alternative?  I would like to retain inheritance yet be able to share files with users outside of the site team.




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Hello @Paul_Wade


that is an normal experience in SharePoint, when you share will SharePoint stop the inheritence and give unique permission.


You can give item level permission from the begin and give permission to the member group. Or you can use different libraries, an explicite shareing library...or you can use teams with private-channels.


Regards, Dave