Single center for mailing letters within the company SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint online

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Good afternoon.

The customer wants to implement a page, a single center for sending mailing lists for internal employees.

with the following functionality:

Example - A user, entering a page / form, chose a mailing template (for example, congratulations on the new year or about a lecture held within the company), chose a group to whom he needed to send and sent from the page.

Further, on each submitted form, there should be an assessment of the usefulness of the content, it is enough to crawl yes, not to crawl no, and the ability to leave a comment on the form, to the survey, the possibility of analytics for whom the message came, who read it.

Well, and the ability to watch all this analytics on a separate site form.

The customer does not want to do development, asks, can you advise which of the ready-made solutions, for SharePoint 2016 or Online.

I did not find anything sensible, can anyone advise something sensible? at least roughly similar?

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