simplest way to use SharePoint with Apple OS

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I've been researching this for a while -- my new employer uses SharePoint for employee schedules & communications.


I have an all-Apple OS life, with my MacBook Air & iPhone.


Is there a *simple* way to simply access my employer's SharePoint communications & download the PDF schedules?


I do not want to put any of my Mac files on MSFT's OneDrive. I do not want MSFT to have access to any of my stuff on my Apple devices. I want to keep life simple. Suggestions welcome, thanks

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@ughhhh you may create a bookmark on your Apple device and access the SharePoint content (PDF) through the web like every site.


For a "better" end-user experience you have a SharePoint app that you can download from the Apple Store. You can later retrieve a saved SharePoint page (PDF's file page)


Note: The app is automatically integrated with MSFT's OneDrive, however, if you don't have the app installed in your Apple Devices, there is no interaction between the App and your local storage device.