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I have used SharePoint for something like 12 years. A long time. And I've gone and done something I can't figure out how to undo. I had a user accidentally hide their toolbar on a list. I easily figured out how to hide/collapse mine - and I can't get it back.

View I want:





View I have - no toolbar, no nav:



Please help!

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What about trying to access the list settings and crate a new view to the lista and make as default one?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks - alas, it's not View related - I have a few tabs open with different views - all have the missing toolbar. And without the toolbar, I can't toggle between views...

@JillAcosta This is exactly what we are seeing. If it's the same problem, then you used the 2 arrow icon on the top right of the command bar to expand the list and hide the left nav/site header. In our tenant, something is wrong with that functionality  because the command bar is also hidden - there's no way to go back... I have another tenant where it works just fine.

I've used List settings to create new view (or look at an old one), and going to that view still leaves the list in expanded mode.

I've opened a ticket with support but no news yet.

The only way I've been able to get the list back (not for a general user), is to clear all cookies/settings (in Edge I just clear the ones under <tenant>, then refresh the page and sign in again.

I cannot reproduce, wonder if it's a build running through on a few tenants causing it?
I'm thinking so, but wanted to report it since the roadmap was officially marked 'launched' Figured it should be out there if they did that. My other tenant is fine, and the test tenant the MS tech used was fine as well. So they're looking at it as a new feature and tenant specific problem. Though I'm a little glad someone else has seen it (sorry Jill :) )



I have the same issue, one user accidentally clicked the expand content icon. Now Command bar is not visible. Works in IE but no in Chrome ( he clicked on Chrome). breaking my head for last 4 hours.



In Chrome settings, go to Clear Browsing Data > Clear "Site Settings"
Close all browser windows and re-open.

This should fix Chrome/Chromium. You can technically drill down and clear the site settings just for "" as well.

@Chris Webb 


Thank you so much. Resolved the issue. Greatly appreciate your help.