Sign Out Button is Blank

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the "Sign Out" button under "About Me" is showing me just some blank space on SharePoint 2019 Preview and RTM:


Tested on IE, Edge and Chrome with Team and Communication Sites. But on MySite pages it is just working fine.

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Thanks a lot for reporting this Igor. I do face same issue, Sign Out" button under "About Me" missing.

@Igor Biche did you manage to find a solution?


I still have this in a SharePoint 2019 farm with the April 2019 CU. So I am interested if there is a fix :)

@Dennis Goedegebuure I'm afraid not :(


I still got this issue with April 2019 CU, too. Microsoft mentioned here in December 2018 that they will fix it in a future CU. Maybe you can ask in that thread to put some pressure on it again.

@Igor Biche, it's not a big issue at the customer at the moment. So it's not worth going to premier support for this. But if I find a solution I will definitely update this thread :)


Btw, is social Technet forums still used? I thought those were deprecated?

@Dennis Goedegebuure This forum was officially listed as the support forum for the preview of SharePoint 2019. So yes, I guess it's still used :)

@microsoft I can confirm this issue also on our SP 2019 installation with CU July 2019.

Did somebody check if a more recent CU fixed it?

@Igor Biche FYI

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For those with the same issue: it is solved in November 2019 CU.

See this thread: