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Does anyone know if a news post will float back up to the top of the News Web Part if it is updated and republished? I am working on the long term Knowledge Management Strategy for a client and their request was to post a news page, then update it on a semi regular basis when something about the content changes and they want it to float to the top of the list on the hub site homepage. I can brainstorm ways to get this functionality from highlighted content, but I was hoping it was native in the News feature. Thanks!

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The latest stories (news) are shown in chronological order from newest to oldest based on their initial publish date (editing a story (news) will not change its order).


SourceUse the News web part on a SharePoint page 

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The News web part uses First Published Date to determine which items to display so updated articles will not float back up to the top. However, you could "pin" the updated article to the top so that it will stay in a specific position in the display order. Then, you can "un-pin" when you no longer want to promote it.