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Hi all,

I have a question and i would like to know if its possible.

I have a sharepoint list with elements i create.  These elements have persons type of field name "Assigned to" field where i put the person that is responsible of the information of that specific list element.  I want to give access to those responsible persons to access the list, but only to those elements that have their name in the Assigned to field.


Ive seen the option of permission level based on the creator, but in this case they wont create the item, i will.


Any ways i can do what i desire?


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Hello @Jsanjur


What if... 

  • Create a personal view with the same columns (This will allow you to see everything) 
  • Add a filter to your default view:
    • Select "Show items only when the following is true:" then use this: Assigned To equals [Me] (This will allow users to see just their tasks)
  • Create a new permission level (site level) based on what they have right now and UNCHECK "Manage Personal Views  -  Create, change, and delete personal views of lists." (This will prevent users to create personal views and see all the list items)
  • Go to your list > list settings > Permissions for this list > Stop inheriting permissions and then, change the current permissions and use the "custom" you created in the previous step. 

Keep in mind that this solution only works as-is. If you need to have more VIEWS, you should find a way (maybe the same steps) to "block" them.