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I am wondering if there is any way to show rows from a list on multiple different SharePoint subsites.

We have a list with customers and in that list there is also columns with values (different values on different customers).


We would like to show a specific row of values on the customers subsite, based on a unique id in one of the columns in the list. 


Thank you in advance!

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Hello @ymmas


not sure if I understand you correctly, but for that you can use PnP Modern Search Web Parts:


With search you can show items, or columns, across sites or sub webs, also possible with dynamic values as search query parameter.


Best, Dave

Hi @David Mehr - thank you for the reply!

Sorry for that weak description of my problem. I will try to make it more clear.


We have SharePoint List with multiple customers in i.
One customer for ever row in the list, with the same columns but different values in those columns.


I try to show it in this table below:


CustomerCustomer SharePointsite URLSales contactUse Teams


The thing I want to achive is to present the values in the list at every separate customer sharepoint site.

For example on SharePoint site I want the info below to be seen:


CustomerCustomer SharePointsite URLSales contactUse Teams


Hello @ymmas 


yes sure, with search you can show every element with columns on the site you like.  


From a list you can show with the PnP Modern Search Results Web Part the elements you want on an other site. The columns are also customizable, but not on the screen below:




It's a simple query like this:

{searchTerms} path:https://<TENANT>/sites/SPOMarketing/Lists/CustomerList/ contentclass:STS_Listitem Title:Contoso


You can find different scenarios with PnP Modern Search Web Parts here:


Best, Dave