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Hello, I have a list and in this list, I want members to be able to submit items directly to the list as well as through a form that, through a flow, adds the responses to the list. My problem is that when members access the list, they can only see the submissions that are made directly to the list and not those submitted through the form. I have the form recording the email of the person submitting the form (and the column is formatted for "People or Group" type), and in the list permissions under "Show items only if," I am using the filter [Me]. However, I still cannot get members to see the items submitted through the form.

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@Ricardo_cab How you are settings person or group column from Power automate flow? I think this field is not properly set using the Power automate flow hence you are facing this issue.

Try creating a personal view without any filters, you will see if the column value is updated properly or not.

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