Show/Hide form columns based on views in SharePoint online


Hi Community 


Is it possible to conditionally format the columns in the out of the box form to show/hide based on the Views created?


I know you could control this based on values within a field in the view.


I have a particular view where they want to allow users to bulk edit but just show 5 particular columns in the bulk edit out of box form when it appears.

My other challenge here is that the main (new) form is an InfoPath form, so I don't see the column edit options for the out of box new form when click "New", because an InfoPath form is displayed instead.


I could turn that off while I make the change (if it's possible) and then reapply the Infopath form? 




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@markikav1955 If you are trying to use Edit in grid view (bulk edit) option in modern experience, you can limit the columns you see in list view from view settings or using Add column >> Show/hide columns option from list view.



If you are trying to show/hide the columns from list forms (new/display/edit) based on current list view selected, it is not possible using SharePoint out of the box capabilities.

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Hi ganeshsanap

Want to do it in the List form as the view is grouped which means grid view is not available.
The backup is a view that allows edit in grid view but wanted to try it using the form.

No worries....