Show Azure DevOps Task / Sprint Statistics on SharePoint (PowerApps)

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I want to show KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) on my SharePoint. My Datasource will be my TFS (Azure DevOps). For example showing the planned and finished Tasks for a Sprint on SharePoint and generate a graph out of it.

I saw that in Microsoft PowerApps - which are integrateable in my SharePoint-View - there are DevOps-Connectors, but i didnt rly saw a possibility to aggregate my task-statistics (planned / finished in a sprint) and show them.


Writing a C#-Backend that has a TFS-Client running.

Can I use this for a Power-App-CustomConnector?
Is there another way to acess data in a PowerApp from a REST-API?
Worst Case the Backend will have shedule to create and update SharePoint-Tables with my TFS-Stats
What is the best way to aggregate and show my tfs (azure devOps) statistics on my page?

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