Should we invest in Content Type hub sites inside our sharepoint online modern sites

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With the continuous changes we are facing inside sharepoint online, i like to question any traditional approach before we start working on it. and now i am concern about Content Type Hub sites and their future use with the modern sites & flat structures.

we have the following case:-

1. I have an on-premises site collection of type team site. and it has around 30++ sub-sites.

2. I want to migrate the on-premises site collection and its sub-sites to sharepoint online.

3. But i want to migrate the sub-sites to follow the flat structure, where each sub-site will be migrated as a modern team site collection, and then i will link them to the main hub site (which is currently our on-premises root site).

4. So i will be following the flat structure instead of the on-premises way of having sub-sites.


But using sub-sites appraoch have many advantages that are not found in the Flat structure such as; I were managing the site columns and content types at the root site, and re-use them inside the sub-sites. but if i move to the flat structure, then i will no longer be able to manage the site columns and site content types at one place. so i will have to use (one of the approaches i always try to avoid) the traditional Content type hub site.

But my question is; How Content type hub site compatible/aligned with modern sites? and what is their future-proof with the modern sites and flat structure ?

i never find any new updates regarding CT hub site.. so should we invest in the CT hub sites? again i need them to be able to manage the 30++ modern team site collections' columns and content types at one place. OR in the flat structure, site columns and content types are better to be mange separately inside each modern team site collection??

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@john john I have the same issue.... Microsoft needs to confirm that if they deprecate the CT hub site they will provide an automatic migration of organization wide site columns and content types to the new Hub Site(s)..


Of course this begs the question about Organization (tenant) Level site columns - for hubs sites created at the business unit level where do you place site columns that apply across business unit hubs? Will there be a hierarchy of Hubs Sites - hmmmmm... sites and sub sites again !!! the circle of digital life...


Dear Microsoft.... some answers please from your Gurus....