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I'm mainting a sharepoint 365 site - and I'm glad about the feature of collapsing sections.

But I didn't find a way to expand a section (which is collapsed by default) via URL / Parameter


Do you know if there is a way to expand a section by URL?


What I'm trying to set up:
I have a page (like an FAQ page) with many sections which are by default collapsed. In some cases users will reach this page with a link and then a special section should be directly expanded. Because with the origin it is quite clear what the user might need to see. To improve UX (and as many users do not see the option to expand a sectionI want to expand it for those users - but expanding all sections  by default might not be a good idea because then all the users which are visiting the FAQ page will loose the benefits.

Is there a way to do it in the URL (sites/faq.aspx#MySection3 with an additional paramter for expanding?)



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I Assume there is now solution yet availible. Does anybody know if this is on a featurelist of MS? Or where can I place this topic so that it will be added as a user-request?

@simiguThanks for your hint. My thread is even older. But there is discussion there I'll set your comment as solution!

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as @StevenNeele noted there is an easy way to solve it:
Add a Text with header format in the section. Sharepoint will give this header a page anchor automatically. Link to this page anchor via URL. The section will now be expanded.