Sharing with extended employes problem

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We have a small company that just got SharePoint.

The home office has internal employees that are using SharePoint with any problem.


We have outside employees that are not under our MS subscription but use the same email domain that we use for the company. I was given a number of files to share with the extended employees and found out that I could not.

I have had about six phone calls with MS techs to try and resolve it. We checked all the settings and we did get sharing with other emails working. I told the MS tech that it might not work as SharePoint is sending the external uses to log into the main MS login page to an account that does not exist.

Is there anyway to use the company accounts just for viewing (no editing) files that do not have MS subscriptions?



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I believe they need a VPN to bypass this and allow them to view the files ... but I'm not sure
No, it is permissions problem.