Sharing private information solution

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HR want to use a third party to upload a csv (data source), create and convert a PDF with password protection and email it to n/many people inside the organisation. This seems like a messy and security nightmare..

I’d like to try and propose a native O365 solution if there is one.

One idea I had was use item level permissions in a list to display the secret information to the individual.

Is this an option or not (a good one)?

Can you think of any other better ways to do this?
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Well, it really depends on the number of times you are going to break security at the item level in SPO and also how do you plan to implement all this
Thank you. Item level may or may not be what I mean, but what I mean is for the individual to only be able to see a list row where they exist or “where the person column = themself” etc

If this is item level permissions and it can be achieved programmatically then the number of items shouldn’t be a big problem. I’m not talking too many rows here.

if 'security by obfuscation' is enough, you could just put the data in a list, and configure the default view to filter on person column value = [me]