Sharing only parts of document Library to external clients

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I am trying to share only parts of my document library with my external clients and have managed to create access to particular folders; however, these can only be accessed by a link send through email and not directly from the SharePoint site itself. I believe it has something to do with the inherited permissions, but can't quite figure it out. The only way I have seemed to get the restricted document library visible to the external clients is by adding full access to main folder in library, then removing the folders/files I do not want them to see. This is problematic as every time I create a new file or folder within the library, I have to then go back in to remove the access if they should not see it, creating a lot of extra work and also causing a chance they may see something they should not. 


Here is an example of my document library. The highlighted folders are some of the only folders that I want to be able to share. You can see there are many that do not need to be sharing. 



Is there any other way I am missing? I am very new to the software, so it may be very simple, I just have not happened across it yet. 

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I would really not recommend this first of all they need access to the SharePoint site and Library second you do not want to make the mistake by adding externals to a library with internal info.

Please use a seperate site with library and either move the data or share the data from the original site which is still a no go for me if you ask.

@paul keijzers they do have access to the actual SharePoint site, which I have enabled their permission to see everything, as it does not contain anything proprietary. I am using the site for both internal (full library access) and external (restricted library access) clients/users. It's not the most ideal to provide restricted access; however, if I were to create a second site and/or library I would be doubling my work, unless there is a way to link a file back to original location without giving access to that original location (which is what I have found the problem with so far). 

I think this link can help you as In SharePoint you have the shared with us link this you could use for the external party
As simple as right click on a folder, share, add their email double checking whether they should be able to read or edit ( icon at the end of email line, edit is default!!!!) and typing a quick message. The person can be from anywhere and they get an email with access that they should not loose. The have zero access to the site, only to the files or folder shared.
@heatherBLM, I want them to be able to view the site, and also partial document library access. I have made it where they can see the site itself, but document library shows empty, even though I have granted access to specific files and folders within the library. If I share a folder directly, they can access, but then try to go back to the site by going up a level so to speak ,the documents disappear from the library.
As designed. Personally I stay FAR away from custom permissions on a site and put documents that should not be seen in as separate site. I don't advise your security design at all. That said, you can make them a site member, create a new sharepoint permission group in advanced permissions, create a new library and pull off all library permissions outside that new permissions subgroup. Move all the files they should not see in that library. They will not see that library. they will see all the other libraries, if you didn't tweak them. .